Environmental and Positive Video Games

In the modern world we have more information at our finger tips, with TV, newspapers, the radio and most importantly the internet providing a constant stream of facts (and fiction).

Despite this, many people do not feel moved by the environmental or political messages included in the media and with the vast amount of information it's often difficult to work out the truth from the fiction.

Video games are a way to encourage people to consider for themselves what they would do if they had to save the rain forests or run a country.  While not all video games or online games are appropriate for children or educational, they have an incredibly far reaching potential. 

Some of our favourite games and links include:

A New Beginning by Daedalic Entertainment has time travellers returning from a cataclysmic future to help you save the planet, telling you "It's not too late!"

Civilization - while this hardly falls under the traditional definition of an 'educational game', it teaches concepts of government, pollution, international co-operation, etc.

Anno 2070 by Blue Byte is set in the future where only the tips of mountains are habitable due to climate change (OK, not a very likely scenario, but ...).  You have to choose which technology to use to complete your goal, taking into account resources, pollution and other factors.

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