Pregnancy massage in Essex

Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese therapeutic technique, essentially involving finger massage that is great for relaxation, relieving stress and tension and increases flexibility and well-being by relaxing the muscles of your back, head and neck. Shiatsu is far more than just a physical, relaxing massage; it also acts to improve your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being, all crucial factors which can easily become disturbed and unbalanced during the hormonal changes and stresses that come with pregnancy. A Shiatsu pregnancy massage can help gently and effectively overcome such problems. 

From her well-being studio in Colchester, Essex, Alison Hosking (MRSS), a fully qualified and registered Shiatsu practitioner has helped many clients overcome the tensions, stresses, emotional ups and downs, aches and pains that all come with pregnancy. Similarly, if you are suffering from other conditions, especially those muscular or back-related, such as sciatica, which may worsen during pregnancy or have a negative impact upon you and your pregnancy, a relaxing and nurturing Shiatsu pregnancy massage is an excellent, holistic treatment which will improve your general well-being during pregnancy.

As an alternative, or complementary, therapy Shiatsu is a great choice for anyone who may have a multitude of existing health problems to those who are fit and healthy but want to find an enjoyable way of relaxing. This Shiatsu and pregnancy massage practitioner in Essex will help you improve your inner and outer well-being and will offer pregnant mums with a source of much-needed relief from the stresses and strains of pregnancy.